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Pardis Technology Park Gateway

In 2018, Pardis Technology Park (PTP) organized a national architecture design competition for designing the gateway of the second phase of PTP site expansion. The design proposal presented by 5O7Studio won first prize in the competition and then provided the construction design documents in 2020.
In the design proposal, 5O7Studio aims to unify the building site of Pardis Park, which is stretched along the country road from Tehran to the north of Iran. The proposed design was looking for harmony in the site to achieve a single image of PTP. The significant building in the first phase of the PTP was the 40 meters tall old gateway that has an exposed metal structure with a glass façade and contains seven floors of mixed-used space; it looked modern, pure, massive, dark, and huge. 5O7Studio design proposal is a contextual complementary answer to the design of the old gateway. A structure with a similar form to the old gateway but has contrary features like transparency, position, direction, and construction elements. Unlike the phase one gateway, the new structure is completely transparent and monumental. Overlapping these two gateways in the urban perspective creates a unified image of PTP.


Pardis, Tehran







Yahya Nourian | M.h. Kasraei | Saeb Kefayati | Mohammad Dianati



Mohammad Dianati


Pardis Technology Park