Weiss Architecture Studio

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About Us

5o7 Architectural Design Studio


The main core of 5O7 Studio was founded in 2011, as an international design studio focusing on architectural design projects. Now 5o7 has tow official offices in the east Asia white following different interest and variant project in the region.

5O7 Term

The name, 5O7 Studio, is taken from original Iranian arch named ``Panj O Haft`` in Persian. ``Panj`` is referring to a gate, window or hole and ``Haft`` means covering the gate. Therefore ``Panj O Haft`` as a verb means ``Opening a hole in a wall to reach the sunlight``.

Our Projects

Our portfolio contains residential, cultural and religious buildings, ad well as landscape design, which all ranging from private to public building and from building scale to urban scale


Architecture Design

Preliminary studies of architectural design, Design on different scales and different programs, and etc.

Islamic Architecture Studies

Study of Theoretical Foundations of Islamic Architecture, Research and study of Islamic geometry and motifs, and etc.

Product Design

Design based on function, needs and form, Ergonomic studies, Design monuments and cultural gifts, and etc.

Integrated Project Delivery - BIM

Architectural design with BIM approach, Documenting and implementing BIM projects, and etc.

Sustainable Design

Providing Climate Solutions, Designing to meet LEED criteria, Providing water and waste management solutions, and etc.

Light and Thermal Studies

Analysis and optimization of interior lighting, Calculate the cooling and heating loads of building, and etc.