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Pardis Sundial

Throughout history, sundials have coexisted with various other types of timekeeping devices. Despite the invention of precise clocks and time measurement tools, sundials have not lost their appeal and functionality. Designing a sundial provides an opportunity to shift from functionalism to symbolism and perhaps break away from the mundane.

Pardis Technology Park, also known as the “Iran Silicone Valley,” is the largest technology park in the West Asia. It requires extensive urban symbolism to create a distinct visual representation in the minds of its tech-savvy audience. By incorporating elements that convey both knowledge and art, the park aims to showcase the efficacy of technology with an Iranian touch.

The Pardis Sundial , is a monumental urban sculpture with celestial geometry. Throughout the day, the shadow cast by the sundial forms the hour numbers on its central face. This design makes reading the time easier compared to traditional sundials with hour markers and graduated scales. The larger size of the numerals on the sundial’s face contributes to readability, and there is no need for prior training or examination, unlike other index-based sundials.

One of the key considerations in the design was the ease of reading the time. When a numeral’s shadow passes over the dial and touches the ground, it becomes unreadable. Only the correct shadow of the sundial is legible, eliminating any ambiguity.┬áThe arrangement of numerals on the sundial’s face and their disappearance on the ground relies on a specific layout of gnomons. This arrangement also enhances visual appeal, as the numerals are not directly visible within the gnomons; they only form in the shadows.

The Pardis Sundial combines aesthetics, functionality, and cultural identity, creating a captivating experience for visitors and emphasizing the fusion of technology and art in an innovative way.


Pardis Technology Park, Tehran, Iran






Mojtaba Sabetfard


Amirhossain Ansari | Mohammadhossein Kasraei | Yahya Nourian | Mojtaba Sabetfard


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Mohammad Dianati


Pardis Technology Park