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Pooya Tadbir Building

The building of Pouya Tadbir Karamad Company is located on a sloping ground of 800 square meters in Phase 3 of Pardis Technology Park. Urban planning rules in phase 3 impose restrictions on the height and location of the building as well as the building gross area to the project so that the building gross area could not exceed 800 square meters. As a result, the building design must have appropriate void and mass to reach the dedicated building area. Thus the main idea of the plan was to create a contrast in volume that was the subject of transparency and opacity. So that two hard and opaque walls surround the volume of clear glass, which induces a stepped form with a decreasing rhythm in the floors. Reducing the mass on the lower floors and creating consoles on the upper floors made it possible to create semi-open and indoor spaces on the lower floors. Rhythm on glass and concrete surfaces has been the subject of the project.


Pardis, Iran

Project Year:



Pooya Dadbir Co


Yahya Nourian | M.h. Kasraei

Design Team:

Saeb Kefayati