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Pardis Technology City

The Pardis Technology City is a residential complex designed to accommodate talented individuals and professionals. It is located within the Pardis Technology Park, which spans an impressive area of 300 hectares. The project aims to create an ecosystem that fosters innovation, sustains energy, and provides a complete technological lifestyle for its residents. The city is part of a national policy to support and nurture exceptional talents in Iran. It serves as a hub for knowledge-based activities and innovation. The goal is to create a vibrant community where experts, researchers, and innovators can thrive.
The city incorporates symbols of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable energy practices. It aims to be a complete ecosystem for technologists, offering residential, educational, and recreational amenities.
The project aligns with the vision of creating a smart and innovative environment for its residents.
The Pardis Technology City is a forward-looking project that aims to provide an ideal living environment for exceptional individuals, fostering creativity, collaboration, and technological advancement


Pardis, Iran




300 hectares


Y. Nourian | M.h. Kasraei


Saeb Kefayati | Narges Rezaie | Mahdi Rashedi | Zahra Noorbala


Saeb Kefayati


Pardis Technology Park