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Jovi Mosque

Jovi Mosque

This project is one of our projects which have designed and represented by our design team in 5O7studio. Our general architecture design approaches are to concentrate on the geographical and social context of each project to redefine and respond to our clients’ needs and also using advance tools and new technologies in design and representing the project. Besides, we look at every project as a cultural phenomenon so we focus on the effects of architecture on users and their behavior.
In 5O7studio each project starts with a comprehensive study which includes 3D digital scanning of the site and its surroundings and continues by producing numerous design alternatives. Using advance representing methods, such as VR, AR, and graphical animations are our strategy. Making models by digital fabrication methods, in the design process or in a part of solving the design problem is our common activities.
We harness computer capability in the design process by using parametric and generative design methods to enable the production of multiple, complex design options. Our team provides Building Information Modeling (BIM) for every project to gain full advantages of this new process in the AEC industry.
In the future, we will provide more information about this project here!

Project Name:

Jovi Mosque




Project Year:



Building surface:

Building site:

Design Manager:

Yahya Nourian

Design Team:

M.h. Kasraei








Saeb Kefayati