Main core of 5O7Studio was founded in 2011, as an International design studio focusing on architectural design projects. Now 5O7 has three official offices in Canada, Europe and Middle East, while following different interests and variant projects in both of them; Professional design practices integrated with Middle Eastern culture is one of the main interests in middle east; whereas the main field of work in Canada and Europe, is finding designs solutions for zero-emission projects, rehabilitation, retrofit and improvements of whole building towards nearly zero energy building; So we welcome the both approach by using of great professional networks, such as creative architects and skillful engineers to have 5O7 as multidisciplinary powerful Design Studio in the world; This unique approach has supported us could to work with a full range of architectural scales and fields, from building engineering and renewable energy integration with building such as BIPV and BIPVT systems and highly creative architectural design from interior spaces to landscape, and from initial studies to detailing and realization.

Term 5O7 (five-O-seven)

The name, 5O7Studio, is taken from an original Iranian arch name called “Panj O Haft” in Persian. In Farsi, “Panj” is referring to a Gate, Window or Hole and “Haft” means covering the gate. Therefore “Panj O Haft” as a verb means “Opening a hole in wall to reach the sunlight”, which was perfect match to our passion towards sustainability in architecture and using renewable energy resources. So our endeavor is to find a new insight in architecture.


Our Projects

Our portfolio contains residential, cultural and religious buildings, as well as landscape design solutions; which all ranging from private to public buildings and from building scale to urban scale. Our creative approach to design aims at providing energy efficient building design with sustainable solutions, while we are looking for a good match between techno-financial aspects of projects as well as energy efficiency and aesthetics. We consider design as a collective process, so we welcome to any creative and critical ideas about design and also new projects to help building sustainable environment.