Palayen Mosque and University

According to the photos, this is another architecture commercial project has been designed by 5o7studio. Information about this project will be provided soon.

Alghadir Complex 2

The purpose of Al-ghadir competition was challenging between architects and designers for a residental project that located in north Of Al-ghadir highway in Qom . The site of competition is 5000 square meters With challenge in number of apartments in all of the project that is exactly 360 apartments based on program description and restrictions. Designing moves toward creating three residental blocks with fourteen floors. Along with mentioned target we trying to creat islamic patterns In elevations with shading and privacy function and designing social spaces at tenth floor of each block.


Monavar Hotel

Monavar Hotel is located in Mashhad, the second populous city in Iran. Visiting the Imam Reza Shrine -the eighth Shia Imam- by millions of pilgrims every year, the city needs to expand its infrastructures to accommodate these people. So the four-stars Monavar Hotel is designed to provide good facilites and comfortable places for guests. This hotel is located near south of the Imam Reza Shrine and constructed in 22 levels which consists of one-level pool, two-levels parking, one-level kitchen underground and 18 level on the ground. The hotel has about 140 bedrooms -double bed, twin bed and suits, restaurant, swimming pool, cafe and roof garden.